Accelerate digitalisation

Datwyler wants to be proactive in exploiting new possibilities and opportunities associated with digitalisation and turn these into a competitive advantage. For this purpose, we are investing some CHF 50 million over the next few years. In doing so, we are looking to increase the efficiency of business processes, improve data quality, increase IT security and create a strong and flexible platform for future digital applications. This will also allow future acquisitions to be integrated more quickly and easily.

SuccessFactors makes cooperation simpler and more efficient

The introduction of the web-based SuccessFactors solution will help us to reduce complexity in our organisation, increase the efficiency of cooperation and encourage employees to identify with the company. Interaction between employees and the company is becoming ever more digital and agile. To give an example SuccessFactors will assist us to get better and faster at recognising your required training needs and to increase awareness of trainings that already exist.

Webshops improve the buying experience

Datwyler distribution companies were quick to pick up on the opportunities that came with the arrival of the Internet. Now, webshops account for more than half of the turnover at Distrelec, Reichelt and Nedis. Teams of specialists ensure that the customer’s buying experience is continuously improved using state-of-the-art digital technology. Going forward, we will continue to expand the information we provide on our products, further optimise the search functions and provide online customers with specific relevant offers based on their previous orders.