Drive profitable growth

Only as a growing company can we meet the expectations of customers, employees, and society as a whole. The strengthening of market positions and the segmentation of markets and customers is one of the most important prerequisites for profitable growth. Our innovation efforts and offering strategies need to be better aligned with current and future customer needs. To complement its organic growth, Datwyler continues to seek acquisitions that open up new regions, technologies or market segments.

New healthcare plant in the US – to meet the highest standards

Datwyler is building a new plant in the US for the production of high-quality healthcare components. With this plant and state-of-the-art digital manufacturing technologies, we are laying the foundation to better serve the rapidly growing demand from US healthcare companies. The FirstLine manufacturing concept incorporates ultra-modern clean room technology, automated production cells, fully automated camera inspection and a unique washing process. We therefore meet the highest requirements for cutting-edge delivery systems for injectable drugs.

Distrelec’s strategic focus yields encouraging results

Because of the strategic planning process, Datwyler distributor Distrelec is now concentrating more on maintenance, automation and robotics. These niche markets are particularly attractive due to the existing skills within Distrelec, the current competitive situation and the predicted growth. In order to provide added value to target customers, Distrelec is adjusting its value proposition, optimising its webshops, employing technical specialists, pushes its own brand RND and optimizes its product range. This strategy of catering specifically to the needs of target customers is already yielding encouraging results. With the accelerated international expansion of Reichelt, we are also supporting profitable growth in the Technical Components division.