Market segment Sealing Solutions

Leading supplier of customer specific sealing solutions

The Datwyler Sealing Solutions Division is a leading supplier of customer specific sealing, closure and packaging solutions to global market segments, such as the Automotive, Health Care, Civil Engineering and Consumer Goods industries. This is thanks to its leading material, engineering and process expertise and worldwide presence with its own production locations. As an acknowledged development partner, Datwyler maintains close working relationships with global customers, and has in-depth knowledge of the business models and technologies used in the markets in which it operates.

  • Manufacturers and contract fillers of injectable drugs 
  • Manufacturers of diagnostic products 
  • Manufacturers of parenteral drug delivery systems 
  • Automotive system suppliers 
  • Construction industry 
  • Packaging industry 
  • Tool industry 
  • Component manufacturers

Rubber and aluminium/plastic products for health care applications

  • Serum and lyophilisation stoppers for injection vials 
  • Plungers, tip caps and needle shields for prefilled syringes 
  • Plungers and closures for cartridges (injection pen systems for diabetics, dental anaesthetics…) 
  • Stoppers for infusion bottles 
  • Aluminium caps with rubber liner (lined seals)

Rubber products for diagnostics and drug delivery systems

  • Stoppers and needle shields for blood collection systems 
  • Plungers for infusion pumps 
  • Components for aerosol containers 
  • Plungers for disposable syringes 
  • Injection sites for IV administration sets

Automotive (moulded rubber components)

  • Fuel and engine management 
  • Brake booster diaphragms
  • ABS and master cylinder 
  • Brake actuation 
  • Disk brakes 
  • Comfort and safety (air conditioning, airbags etc.)

Civil engineering applications (extruded products)

  • Sealing systems for single shell tunnelling 
  • Joint seals 
  • Expansion profiles 
  • Injection hoses 
  • Special seals and gaskets for pipe joints

Track superstructure (extruded products)

  • Sub-ballast mats 
  • Sleeper boots

Building construction (extruded products)

  • Window seals
  • Door and gate seals 
  • Fire resistant profiles 
  • Cladding seals, optionally co-extruded 
  • Load-bearing glazing profiles for railway carriages

Industry (moulded rubber components)

  • Machinery and apparatus 
  • Packaging industry 
  • Tool industry 
  • Pipe joints 
  • Transport and vehicle manufacturing 
  • Defence engineering 
  • Household appliances
in CHF millions20182017
Net revenue891.1832.8
Operating result (EBIT)155.5151.6
Operating result as % of net revenue17.5%18.2%
ROCE in %29.8%30.1%
Average capital employed522.2485.4
Capital expenditures130.2109.4
Number of full-time equivalents (at year-end)69296321