30. March 2017

Datwyler with new centre of expertise for distribution brands

Datwyler  sets up a new centre of expertise in its Technical Components division. The centre will be built in Manchester and will centrally steer product, supplier, purchasing, e-commerce and marketing management for the high-service brands Distrelec/Elfa, which share a management team, and for all markets covered. By gathering these functions in one place, Datwyler aims to significantly increase the quality and productivity of Distrelec/Elfa’s proposition delivery, boosting the range of prod-ucts and services on offer to customers. In future, Distrelec/Elfa aims to mark itself out as the high-service distri¬butor with the most customer-friendly service packages and shortest response times with a focus on maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) as well as on automation.

As a result of developing the new centre of expertise, Datwyler intends to no longer manage locally its various product, supplier, purchasing, e-commerce and marketing functions. Around 90 jobs across four sites in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and Italy are expected to be affected by the changes. The con-sultation procedures required by law have already begun in the various countries. Among other things, the planned severance scheme includes plans to provide the employees affected with hands-on support as they look for new jobs. Datwyler expects to pay around CHF 10 million in non-recurring costs. The local sales functions and the warehouse for the Swiss market will not be affected by the planned organisational changes. Distrelec/Elfa will continue to serve and supply their customers in all their mar-kets without interruption and with their usual reliability. The decentralised structure of the high-service distributor Distrelec/Elfa is the result of several acquisitions over the years.


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