Pension Plan

Independent Pension Fund for the Swiss Datwyler Group Employees

The Datwyler Group already in 1957 implemented an independent pension scheme for its employees in Switzerland. The pension scheme takes the legal form of a foundation is a company pension plan within the framework of the legal provisions for old age and its regulator statutes. Employees of any Swiss company of the Datwyler Group as well as their direct members of family, widows and orphans, are insured through this pension scheme against the economic consequences of old age, disability and death.

The Foundation Board is the supervisory authority of the Datwyler Holding Inc. pension fund. It is based on equal representation of four representatives each for the company and for the employees. Two representatives (without voting rights) for the pensioners complete the Foundation Board. The Foundation Board issues the respective regulations for the benefits, their financing and the organisation of the pension scheme.

Datwyler Holding Inc. operates a defined benefits pension plan. As of 31.12.2015 the Datwyler Holding Inc. pension plan insures 954 employees and 707 pensioners.

Annual Report 2017 (available in German only)
Pension Fund Regulations 2018
Regulations for Partial Settlement 2011 (available in German only)
Bulletin "Einkauf" (available in German only)
Bulletin "Wohneigentumsförderung" (available in German only)
Bulletin Retirement (available in German only)

Stimmverhalten der Pensionskasse der Dätwyler Holding AG an Generalversammlungen 2017 (available in German only)
Stimmverhalten der Zusatzpensionskasse der Dätwyler Gruppe an Generalversammlungen 2017 (available in German only)

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