Long-term values

100 years of innovation for the benefit of our customers, employees, shareholders and the community – that is the hallmark of the Datwyler Group. Over this period, Datwyler has evolved from a family-owned Swiss company into an international group. Building on our strong roots, we have developed our own style with high standards and unique values.

We strive to deliver sustainable profitable growth for the benefit of our stakeholders as the foundation for adding long-term value and preserving the corporate independence of the Datwyler Group. In our efforts, we are addressing the challenges of our times. Our sustainability reporting in the Annual Report is according to the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). This has been checked and confirmed by GRI.

participant of the UN Global Compact

Datwyler is also a participant of the UN Global Compact. This is an initiative launched by the United Nations which espouses ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and combating corruption. As a UN Global Compact participant, Datwyler undertakes to follow the ten principles and to accept its responsibility within society.

Sustainability reporting
Global Compact Communication on Progress and GRI Content Index referencing the Datwyler Annual Report 2015
Global Compact Datwyler Commitment Letter

Policy of high quality and reliability

The Datwyler Group stands for more than its products alone. In all parts of our business, we focus on continuously improving the underlying processes, passing on the ever-growing pool of expertise to our customers. High quality standards and reliability are key factors for our success in delivering traditionally above-average customer satisfaction.

Datwyler Group companies invest continuously in even better materials and process engineering, production facilities and testing methods. Each product is measured against stringent quality standards several times before it reaches the customer. Business processes are based on internationally recognised quality management systems and a high commitment to innovation.

Focus on the environment

For the companies in the Datwyler Group, environmental protection is an important mission and, as such, is embodied in the Group’s Code of Conduct. This encompasses both environmentally friendly production with efficient use of resources and the development of products that are made of the most environmentally sound components possible and, in many cases, directly help to protect the environment. One example is the new rubber gaskets for environmentally friendly natural gas engines in the automotive industry. As part of the internal, certified environmental management system, Datwyler is continually improving its environmental performance and endeavouring to minimise significant impacts on the environment.

Clear core values and processes

Qualified and committed employees are particularly critical to the Datwyler Group’s future success in international industrial markets. For this reason, the company attaches special importance to fair and safe working conditions, thorough training and development, and a corporate culture with a high level of identification. A decentralised structure promotes personal responsibility and close contact with customers.

Fair and responsible partner

The Datwyler Group is committed to sharing responsibility for general community affairs. The individual companies maintain regular contact with local authorities and stakeholders. In mid-2008, Datwyler put in place a Code of Conduct that is binding for the entire Group and also sets out rules for proper interaction with business partners and competitors. Collusion, bribery and corruption are accordingly strictly forbidden.

Many of the Datwyler Group’s production facilities have been based at the same location for several decades, giving them strong local ties. This is reflected, among other things, in local suppliers being accorded preference in purchasing where possible, as long as their price-performance ratio is competitive.